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The Sleep - The Organic Factor

We spend more than a third of our lives sleeping and this sleep ensures our wellbeing to an extent that no other materialistic thing can control. Be it work related stress or a long tiring trek, sleep cures it all and we welcome a new day with a fresh gust of energy the next morning. Why we sleep remains the most enduring and intriguing mysteries in health science even to this date.


Sleep, according to experts is a very complex process that effects almost every party of our lives and systems of our body. While there is much more to discover about the intricacies of how sleep works; there is research available that sheds light on how sleep is connected to our mental, emotional and physical health. Even many forms of traditional medicines practiced across different parts of the world, give sleep immense importance in our wellbeing.

While it is undoubtedly an important aspect of our day to day lives, we at the organic factor love making this process as natural, cosy and as comfortable as possible by bringing in custom weaved sheets from sustainable and Extra Long Staple Cotton that is bound to make the entire journey of sleep a memorable one.

We are delighted to introduce our full range of 400 Thread Count GOTS certified Organic Cotton Sheets and Duvet Covers in all standard American sizes and three different colors to choose. Our sheets are made from Extra Long Staple Cotton in a specially customised weave that is manufactured for us and we can rightly say that the lifecycle of the sheets is greatly increased with this.

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