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Give your bed a Seasonal Refresh – A Summer Makeover

Summer Decorating? Once Warmer Weather Hits; It’s time to get your bed summer-ready. Hot weather is on its way, and gone are the days of flannel sheets and thick duvets. Whether you’re thinking ahead or already feeling the heat, we’ll give you our best tips on transforming your sleeping place for those warm summer nights.

Get ideas for summer bedding that will give you a peaceful sleep in hot sultry nights – all summer long.

Exchange Your Thick Duvet for A Lighter One

Remove additional winter layers from your bedding. It’s time for your blanket to find its way to the closet. Instead get an all-season duvet cover because people still like feeling the weight on top of themselves. Just make sure your top sheet doesn’t leave you over heated.

Still Too Hot? Try Our Cooling Bedding Range

If you you’re a hot sleeper, and there’s no duvet known to humankind that will be light enough, you can still use a duvet cover. Our TOF range of bedding is made using moisture wicking technology that keeps warm sleepers cool by absorbing and dissipating heat, letting your experience a superior sleep quality.

Another layer to consider? Your sleepwear. If you’re still wearing thick pajamas, switch to something like shorts, or nothing at all. You can always keep something warm by your bedside for if at all you need it.

Or Add a Layer to get the Right Balance

We all live in an environment where climate change is playing havoc on our daily lives. Sometimes the problem is not your bed, but the outside temperature. And during the transition to summer, temperature can fluctuate widely. We recommend, you keep an extra blanket handy to add some extra warmth on those unexpected chill nights.

If your bedroom tends to get a lot of natural light, you might consider yourself lucky in other seasons. But in the summer, strong sunlight can make a room very hot. Shut your blinds and windows during the daylight to keep the warmth at bay. If your summers are warm enough to defy these tricks, you might be in the market for a fan or an air conditioner.

Lighten Up with a Style Refresh

To visually make the transition to summer in your bedroom, try changing your color styles. You can start with brighter colors, such as in your sheets and duvet cover. Then move onto other décor accents, like rugs or blinds. The key is to move from heaviness and warmth to an overall look of light and cool.

We all know what we should do to get good, restful sleep—get to bed on time, and turn those screens off, for a start. But in our modern world, there always seems to be one more thing to do (or watch) before we turn in for the night. You can find detailed tips on getting a good night’s sleep here.

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