How to Buy True Organic Cotton Sheets - A Buying Guide

How to Buy True Organic Cotton Sheets - A Buying Guide

It is essential to arrange your bed with all of the necessary bedding products in order to sleep comfortably. By decorating your bedroom, you may transform it. You can change it from the minimal essentials such as a mattress, bedsheets, and pillows into a more luxury bedroom setting.

 This blog is a comprehensive guide for things to consider for organic cotton bed sheet sets. It also touches upon their advantages, and how to select the best option for your home environment. 

Things To Consider While Choosing Bed Sheets

Most of us spend a considerable part of our lives in beds. That is why it's necessary to have comfortable beds and bedsheets to have a sound sleep when you are tired.

 You would like to make sure that you're purchasing sheets that are both comfortable and long-lasting. The below pointers will help you in finding the best bed sheets for your home.


1.    Make sure they are not synthetic

In most cases, the only information on the sheets is the thread count and how to care for them. Unfortunately, the sheets' maker does not disclose what chemicals they employ to make them. Customers may be deceived by the term "organic sheets" on conventional products. Therefore, it is important to know how sheets are made and to limit your exposure to chemicals while purchasing them.

Sheets made of Man-Made Fiber’s, such as polyester microfiber, should be avoided since their production involves a series treatment with toxic chemical procedures that are both damaging to human health and the environment.

2.    There is more to it than just the number of threads.

Businesses may generate high thread counts without losing quality by employing innovative production processes. Softness and strength are best achieved between 300 and 600 thread count. Make sure that the thread count is not below 300.

 3.    Finding the difference between the different kinds of weaves

Sateen and percale are the most popular textiles. Light and crisp to the touch, percale has a grid-like weave. With its satin weave and silky-smooth feel, sateen is a favorite of many. In our tests, more clients prefer sateen, but it's a matter of personal choice.

4.    Don't presume it will work with your mattress.

Typical sizes like queen and king are not adjusted for mattress depth. If your mattress is exceptionally tall or in case you use a mattress cover, make sure you obtain measurements before you buy. After the laundry is done, you can also expect some shrinkage. In general, fit tests have shown that sheets that are good for mattresses up to 15 inches in size are a great choice. 

5.    Make sure you know the return policy before you buy.

Even after using the sheets for a few nights, it's hard to say if you'll like sleeping on them or not. Even if you purchased an item from an online merchant, you would be able to return it for any reason, even if you purchased it several weeks ago. Make sure to check the return policy for the product.

6.    Check GOTS certification

When purchasing organic cotton sheets, make sure they are GOTS certified to assure that it was cultivated organically and that no hazardous or harmful pesticides were used in making the thread into the fabric.

Organic Sheets

People who make organic fabrics use things that come from plants. Users can enjoy a number of health benefits from using organic bed sheets, and the following is the fabric that is generally used in making organic bed sheets.


Cotton is the most common and comfortable organic fabric because it is soft and can be worn in all kinds of ways. Environmentally friendly bedding is popular with homeowners because the material is long-lasting, easy to breathe, and reasonably priced, which makes it a good choice. The Organic Factor sheets are bedsheets made of organic cotton sateen and are one of the best things you can buy for your home. The Organic Factor sheets come in a wide range of sizes and colors. 

Cotton comes in a variety of colors and variations, including:

  • Known for its extraordinary softness, Egyptian cotton is a premium variety of organic cotton.
  • When it comes to Pima cotton, the extraordinarily long fiber generated by cotton grown in the south-west United States is what distinguishes it from other varieties.
  • The cotton variety known as upland is the most widely grown in the world today, despite the fact that it originated in the United States.
  • Micro cotton is well-known for its long-lasting sturdiness, absorbent qualities, and gentle feel.

Selecting the Most Effective Organic Bed Sheets

Organic cotton bed sheets come in various sizes.

Sheet Sets

There are various advantages to using organic bed sheets, including the following:


There are no chemicals used to make organic bedding. They are safe and better for the environment. The fact that organic bed sheets are hypoallergenic makes them a good choice for people who have allergies or a young child in the house because they don't cause allergies. In the making of synthetic fabrics, use of chemicals can have a negative effect on a person's health, especially their skin and breathing.

It is friendly to the environment.

To produce organic bed sheets, cotton must be harvested naturally, rather than using pesticides and chemicals to improve yield. Cotton is cultivated sustainably to manufacture organic bed sheets. Due to their natural composition, these bed sheets are also biodegradable. Because these sheets are produced responsibly, their manufacturing process has a lower environmental impact.


As a result of the fabric's lack of exposure to harsh chemicals, it is naturally smooth and nice to touch for the end-user. Additionally, the weave of the fabric has an effect on these factors. It is also more breathable and has the capacity to quickly remove sweat, keeping you cool throughout the night using organic ingredients. In addition, organic cotton bed sheets are a popular option for customers because of this extra advantage.

Easy maintenance

Organic materials such as cotton can be washed in your washing machine. They can also be dried in your dryer with little difficulty. If you compare that to the specialist cleaning technique that certain synthetic materials require, this is a significant advantage. Furthermore, regular washing of textiles such as cotton and linen does not cause them to wear out quickly because they are extremely resilient.

Choosing the Most Appropriate Bed Sheet

Keep the following considerations in mind when searching for the ideal organic bed sheets for your home: 

  1. Make sure that you choose 100% cotton sheets like those made by The Organic Factor. Because they're very durable, affordable, and breathable.
  2. Selecting the weave of the sheets with care will ensure that the softness and appearance are at their peak. The weave has an impact on the weight, price, and longevity of the bedsheets. Thus, it is important to choose the right weave for your needs.
  3. The finish of the bedsheet should be taken into consideration because it has an impact on the product's ability to be maintained. In addition, the wrinkled appearance of the product differs based on its finish.
  4. Consider other factors such as the yarn, spinning, and finishing before choosing whether or not it is the best option for your household
  5. When you take into consideration the numerous advantages that organic bed sheet sets bring, it is a good decision in many ways. You will be better prepared to make informed decisions when you go to the store to purchase organic bedding and accessories if you have all of the benefits stated here in mind.

The Organic Factor for Bedsheets

Organic cotton is better for the environment than conventional cotton since it is more sustainable. For this reason, it protects local habitats and farmers who grow it without the use of pesticides or herbicides. Additionally, it saves on water usage, preserves soil quality, and reduces the likelihood of soil erosion.

Organic cotton is used in a wide variety of goods by The Organic Factor. The Organic Factor maintains a 400 thread count for their organic cotton products. Their GOTS certified organic cotton sheets come in all standard American sizes, as well as in various colors. Extra Long Staple Cotton is used to weave the sheets, resulting in a much longer useful life for the sheets as a result.

With The Organic Factor, you can get the best organic cotton sheets and contribute to a more sustainable future. You're helping to protect the environment and pay farmers fairly.


In the summer or at night, organic cotton keeps you dry and cool because of its natural breathability and ability to drain away moisture. Organic cotton is inherently robust and durable since it is chemical-free.

When compared to ordinary cotton, organic cotton feels softer and more luxurious on the skin. Naturally soft, lengthy fibers that have not been processed with harsh chemicals are used in the construction of this garment. That all adds up to a more pleasant experience for you.

Also, take into account the sort of weave while purchasing your bed linens. Percale and sateen are two of the most common sheet weaves. One side of the sheet seems to be shinier and smoother because of the sateen weave's construction. As a result of this, the sateen weave is more attractive and softer than percale and less likely to snag.

In the end, organic cotton is tougher and more durable than conventional cotton. To begin with, there are no harsh chemicals needed to process it, which might weaken and break the fibers.


Why should I buy organic cotton sheets?

Organic cotton sheets are free of harsh dyes and colorants that often include dangerous metals. Chemical processing weakens the fibers, making organic cotton bedding more durable and resistant to wear and tear than conventional bedding.

Is organic cotton superior to conventional cotton in terms of quality?

As the name implies, organic cotton is cultivated without the use of toxic chemicals, so ensuring that the land, air, and water are left clean. As compared to conventional cotton, organic cotton emits 46 percent less CO2e. As a result, organic cotton requires significantly less water to grow than conventional cotton, which relies more on water from the rain than on irrigation.

How does organic cotton help you?

There are five reasons to choose organic cotton:

  1. Anti-climate change measures.
  2. Precious water is conserved and protected.
  3. Farmers are able to feed their families.
  4. Allows farmers to take charge instead of GM corporations.
  5. Synthetic pesticides are eliminated from the equation.

Are organic crib sheets necessary?

Organic crib sheets are a must for the health of a baby who spends 12 to 16 hours a day sleeping. Your baby's skin serves the same purpose as that of adults: to keep them safe from hazardous chemicals, the sun, and illness.

How many threads should organic cotton sheets have?

Sheets that have a greater thread count tend to be softer, and as a result, they last longer and may soften even further with use. Good sheets should have 300-600 threads.A detailed guide on thread count and how it can decieve your perception about quality can be found here.

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