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Cotton Pillow Covers

100% Organic Cotton Pillow Cases come in Standard (Queen), King (Long) and Body (Extra Long) sizes. Standard and King Pillowcases are set of 2 and Body Pillowcase is 1 piece.

Made from 400 Thread Count Long Staple Cotton, these covers offer a luxurious hotel comfort in your bedroom.

Smart Design & Best Quality

- Breathable Fabric - Soft and Smooth Feel

- All Season Comfort - Amazing Durability

- Detailed 4" Styled Hem

- Ethical & Responsible Treatment of Workers

- Sustainable Green Process - Best for Your Sleep and The Planet

Key Details

  • 100% Long Staple Cotton - Single Ply Yarns
  • Authentic 400 Threads Per Square Inch
  • Soft Sateen Weave
  • Stylish Single Pleat Hem
  • Smart Size indicators for easy use
Organic Cotton Pillow Cases

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