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GOOD product!

Soft and durable!!! Not at all flimsy

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Quality Fabric - But Wrinkles Easily

Obviously a cover is vital for living with a duvet. Washing the actual comforter is laborious, while washing a duvet cover is much easier. And a collection of duvet covers allow you to easily change the look and feel of the bedroom. This cover is of decent quality. The organic cotton and color has an earthy, hearty feel. The ties work well with both down, and down alternative inserts. The only negative is the cotton is more prone to wrinkles than synthetic alternatives. I'm a big fan of natural bedding, so for me the wrinkle trade off is worth it. Overall, one of the best duvet covers I've tried.

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love this

-obsessed with this bedding, very crisp color. easy to wash. doesnt wrinkle. no weird smell out of the box which is important. Feels very soft!!
-great quality
-great price
-packaged really well and arrived when I expected it to
-easy to communicate with company if you have any issues at all



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Soft and comfortable. If feels nice and looks really amazing. It has enough ties to keep my duvet in place, and the color is exactly as pictured. Definitely recommend!

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no skimping, easy operation, keep down outta the washer

Aside from the fripperous claims this is a quality experience that is easy to setup, simple to strip for washing, and repeat. A cardboard box is not highly giftable. Wrap yourself deeply in magical thinking? All your superficial buzzwords are here. Since environment essentially means nothing in broadness other than everything I suppose we can surmise it is friendly to everything. Charming. Let's re-read some ad copy, Enough and more quality has been compromised in the name of fusion and alluring business. What should go into a material fabric should be what is good for the consumer. There is absolutely no two-way on this motive. With the rising folly in the bedding fabric materials, the industry has inevitably called for a standard to authenticate and monitor product quality." Now enjoy enhanced organic sleep and non-gmo dreams.

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Top quality, thick, well made sheets. Nice extras.

These are some quality sheets! Don't be fooled by the low thread count, these are every bit as thick and soft as the high thread count sheets, even more so.

Build Quality:
The sheets are all sewn/finished well with crisp edges, no sewn in wrinkles and flawless straight lines. The elastic band is particularly high quality and well reinforced. The sheets themselves look amazing and have a sateen like finish and are quite soft.

The fit is great especially if you have memory foam toppers etc. The 16" deep pocket will accommodate the thickest mattress / topper combinations.

These sheets hold up well and haven't pilled or shown signs of wear.

These sheets are made with high quality organic , breathable cotton. They used thick threads and a high real thread count; to achieve a comfortable , soft and durable sheet set.

There is an included storage bag and 2 cup towel included in the kit

Final thoughts:
These sheets are very well made, made of quality materials and I highly recommend them.

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Great way to protect the comforters (It arrived with gifts)

This came with a couple of thoughtful surprises (100% cotton kitchen towels) in a beautiful and eco-friendly package. 400 thread count fabric is extremely soft and comfortable. it has a deep dark gray color that is retained after we put it through the washer and the dryer. It provides great noise suppression for the comforter. This is an amazing way to keep our down comforters neat and clean as we don't want to be washing them too often. Highly recommended. I sincerely hope that you will find my review helpful.

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The sheets are quality and space look really nice and they keep their whiteness washer to wash. The only thing that I don't like and it is a small petty thing but they get really really wrinkled we wash and dry them to the point to where you have to kind of steam them if you have a problem with a whole bunch of wrinkles I wish they had something in place to kind of help with it because it doesn't give you that luxury seal or look on the sheet switches on the Waco side but after a day or so everything's, wrinkle free

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World's Best Sheets

Can I give this 10 stars? These are by far the nicest sheets I've ever owned. The stitching and elastic is great. They're soft. They're thick enough. They're thin enough. They breathe. They have enough sheen to deflect cat hair.

I ordered it in white and haven't had any issues with staining. I will be ordering another set or two to keep in the closet for my guest room. Quality sheets are worth the cost. These sheets will last several years with regular laundering and care.

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Feels Very Crisp and Soft

The 400TC isn't the highest available. You can get sheets in the 800 range for a similar price to this one. However, thread count isn't necessarily everything. The type of cotton and other factors in the production process have a large impact on the overall feel of the sheets, and this sheet set feels crisp and soft in a way that's comparable to other, higher thread count sheets I've got. Overall, these feel great, the color and sheen are nice, and sleeping on them is extremely comfortable. There's not much more I ask for from a sheet set.

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High Level of Fabric Density

The 400 Thread Count Organic Cotton bottom fitted elastic sheet was genuinely deep pocketed and accurately fit my 15" mattress; one of the best form-fitted-sheet that I have ever ordered. The bottom sheet maintained its size, shape and gray color after being machined washed and dried, and felt smooth and soft to the touch. In addition, the fitted-sheet had a reinforced thick elastic bordering that secured the sheet to the mattress; the first fitted-sheet that I�ve ordered that included this extra buttressing, and the fitted-sheet remained in place on the mattress, even when I used the bed remote to adjust the head of the bed to an upright position.

The flat top sheet was as comfortable as the fitted, however, the width of the flat sheet fell short; just barely concealed the sides of the mattress and too short to tuck under the mattress. One corrective solution was to rotate the top of the flat sheet in a vertical direction on the bed. In that way, I was able to tuck the sides of the flat sheet under the mattress, but lost the length of the flat sheet. I'm still hoping to discover a deep pocketed flat-sheet that is made long enough to tuck under the mattress.

The Organic Cotton Sheet Set felt soft against my skin; no skin irritation experienced from the cotton material. The fabric did not have any negative effect on my body temperature which indicated to me that the sheets had a breathable quality. The sheets also had a high level of fabric density; substantially thick, solid and durable. An added bonus was that a tote bag was included in this package, large enough to store the sheets and pillow cases when not in use.

I do recommend the 400 Thread Count Organic Cotton deep pocket sheet set, even though the width of the top flat sheet was a tad short, because it is difficult to find a deep pocket bottom sheet that perfectly fits and remained in place, and one that included prompt delivery. The sheet set was also packaged in an attractively designed customized box; perfect for gift wrapping.

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Nice Crisp Cover

This is a fairly nice duvet cover. It has a nice crisp feel more like a duvet. The fabric feels more high quality. I wish this had a nicer, smoother look to it. On the bed, this has a slightly wrinkled look. I can smooth it out, but the fabric still has a slightly wrinkled look to it. This has ties in the corner and the two sides. I wish that it had a tie at the top and the bottom. Overall though I like it and would recommend it.

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Primo sheets!

These come in a lovely printed box, with all the information you need on the quality of the cotton. This high thread count bedding is made of soft, organic, ethically sourced cotton. The sheets hold up well in the wash, and come out looking great. The cotton has a nice sheen to it, without feel stiff or artificial. (Micro-fiber sheets? No thanks.) Even the ribbing on the fitted sheets are superior (very thick, and well-sewn). And so far, after five washings, no pilling or loose threads. Just cozy, cotton softness. Very pleased. Would not hesitate to get another set for our guest room.

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Fresh, not thin or thick

Soft and fresh fitted sheet did fit my 12in memory foam mattress without looking or feeling tight. I did wash them before and there was no shrinkage or loose thread. But unfortunately packing was not the best. They arrived in one box with no protection or sealed properly.

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High threadcount, fairly heavy fabric. Launders nicely, but need more ties.

Like sheets from this same manufacturer, this is high quality fabric and flawless sewing. The material is like 400 thread count sheets -- nothing fancy like embroidery or design, just clean well-made sheet-like material. I like that the company meets international standards for organic cotton. While enjoying the comfortable fabric, it is good to know you are protecting the environment. The tie straps inside hold a down comforter in place well at the top, but there need to be more ties on the sides and bottom of the cover. All in all, we are very happy with this cover. Were it not for the lack of ties, this rating would have been five stars.

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Too Thin to be This Pricey

The good: These have a very soft and satin-like feel. They are on the cooler side, so maybe not the best for winter sheets, but regardless they are comfortable to lay on. Thoughfully included was a couple of drying cloths (or what I believe to be as such) and a cute little cloth bag for storing. They do have a funky smell so you might be compelled to send them through the wash, but no big deal.

The bad: Having become a sheet freak over the past few years and owning multiple sets, I can tell you without a doubt that you can do much better than these in this price range. 400 thread count sheets typically don't run any more than about 50 bucks and when they do, you're likely paying for some fancy design or the brand name. These are comfortable but they're thin enough to be slightly see-through, making me question their overall quality. Don't get me wrong, they're not paper thin and they do have a lovely feel, but they're just not thick enough to be in this price range. For this reason, I rate them 4 stars.

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Nice Sheets, but a little pricey

I got this for my daughter-in-law, and the following is her review:

This 400 thread count organic cotton sheet set is of fantastic quality. The sheets are cool, comfortable and the color looks just as described. They have a hotel-like appearance and feel, making my bed feel refreshed and crisp. They are soft, but you can tell they are indeed 100% cotton as they do not have a silk-like texture.

As described, they are made with 100% organic cotton that has been GOTS( Global Organic Textile Standard) certified to ensure they come from the highest quality, non-toxic cotton sources. The set includes a flat sheet, two pillowcases, and a small bag to hold the pillowcases in. I washed them immediately upon arrival, and they came out looking just as good, just a tad bit wrinkly. Luckily, the wrinkles faded once I made my bed with them. They aren�t overly heavy and fit my standard king-size mattress perfectly. They stretch well and have an elastic band to secure them to your mattress. They have a 400 thread count, so they are quality-made and designed. My only complaint is they seem a bit pricey; they don�t feel much different in comparison to my other sheet set, which was not organic cotton or as expensive. Four stars.

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Great Feel

Good feeling and quality for the price

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Nice Sheets

These 400 Thread Count Organic Cotton Sheet Set - Light Grey - 4 Piece Bedding Set - Sustainable GOTS Certified Cotton - Ultra Soft Sateen Weave - Fits Deep Pocket Mattresses (Light Grey, King) (Light Grey, King)400 Thread Count Organic Cotton Sheet Set - Light Grey - 4 Piece Bedding Set - Sustainable GOTS Certified Cotton - Ultra Soft Sateen Weave - Fits Deep Pocket Mattresses (Light Grey, King) (Light Grey, King) are comfortable oversized sheets, good for extra deep mattresses.

The 400 thread count is just about right for everyday luxury.

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Expensive but worth it

I recently got a mattress topper to make my bed more comfortable, and my old sheets barely fit. These had no issue in fitting, in fact, the fitted sheet is bigger than my king sized bed in all the right ways. Not only does this sheet set have a great and sturdy band at the bottom, it also is made very well. It�s not silky smooth, but it is very comfortable to touch. I also love that they don�t pull off the bed on the first day.

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excellent 400-count organic cotton sheets

I prefer resting my head on high quality 600-count Egyptian cotton sheet, to the nicest 400-count cotton sheets. And I'm very happy resting my body on these 400-count Organic Factor queen sheets. They seem incredibly smooth with the sateen finish, (until they're up against my face). These light grey sheets look lighter than the photo on the Amazon product page, which definitely works for me. They come packaged in a nice cardboard box, rather than the typical zippered plastic bag that most bed linens come in. Ten years ago I bought two sets of famous-brand 600-count Egyptian cotton queen sheets. At the same time, I got a great price from Amazon on eight 600-count queen pillow cases of the same brand. My skin and hair are oily, so it's been these 8 additional pillow cases I've been sleeping on for 10 years, putting the ones from the two queen sets on guest pillows. The sheets from those two 10-year-old sets have fallen apart in the past year, but all my 600-count pillow cases are still in great shape. So I'll be using differently branded 600-count pillowcases with these Organic Factor 400-count cotton sheets. And I expect I'll continue to be impressed with these Organic Factor sheets, even as I use different pillow cases for my head.

The queen pillowcases in this Organic Factor set are a 20" wide after washing and tumble dry. My trusty old 600-count pillow cases are 20.5" after repeated washings. The Organic Factor ones are too snug on my new high loft Jumbo pillow, but fit at maximal snugness on my old 600-count ones.

What criteria should I use to review sheets? I'm focused on being helpful to other Amazon shoppers. So if the best sheets/pillowcases for my comfort are 600-count, I'm going to review them more favorably than 400-count ones that don't feel as good on my face.

I encourage you to get a set of these Organic Factor 400-count cotton sheets. Then look for some well-reviewed 600-count Egyptian or Organic cotton pillowcases. I got my 600-count ones with an excellent sale price. If you'd be unhappy with color differences with add-on pillowcases, you might want to include 600-count cotton sheet sets in your search criteria.

I pre-treat any pillow (or sheet) stains from my naturally oily hair with Tech stain remover. Then pour liquid detergent on them and perhaps scrub a little bit before tossing in the washer. I read that corn starch is a great way to get oily stains out, even after repeated washings. I have yet to try that, but it sounds promising. Don't take it from me, please look at articles or videos with the appropriate steps for the cornstarch treatment.

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Love these sheets

For the money these are some of the best sheets I've owned. They are really simple to get onto the bed they do not get overly wrinkled in the washer/dryer. They are really soft for a 400 thread count. The way they come in the box is super nice as well they even come with a small bag in the same material. Love that they have the bottom indicator on the fitted sheet. Will buy more of these in the future.

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I'm very happy with these sheets! First of all, I like the fact that they're made of 100% organic cotton. I expected them to be better than lower priced sheets that I have tried in the past, but it seems that's not always the case. For example, last year I purchased a set of luxury sheets as described by the Seller and I was disappointed with them as they were not that smooth! Where these sheets feel thick, soft and smooth. They remind me of sheets in a luxury hotel. Their good quality is apparent not just by the material but also by their craftsmanship. They have deep pockets that fit well around the mattress and their wide elastic band is thick and sturdy. Also, they're a little bit larger than another set of Queen size sheets that I own, so when I made the bed with these sheets, it was easier to wrap the bottom sheet around the mattress. The sheets even came in a pretty box, which is something you don't normally see of sheets in this price range. After I washed and dried them, they felt just as crisp and smooth as when I first got them. I love snuggling in them, they feel great against my skin and I think they're reasonably priced without breaking the bank.

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Nice Sheets!

Great sheets. High thread count means they're nice and soft. They fit well, too!

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Perfect for giftgiving!

Perfect for giftgiving! Beautiful quality! Nice silky material that is well constructed and is short to last through many many washes. It fit my mattress which is a little on the thicker side perfectly. And it comes in a box that is perfect for giftgiving. Included it is also a little well constructed tote made of the same material which was a nice little added bonus. I think this would make a great gift! I felt the price was in line with the quality.

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