Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is your Thread Count?

All our Bedsheets and Duvet Inserts are 400 Thread Count. We use a mix 60's and 80's yarn count to achieve a weave that offers a superior balance of softness and breathability.

The result? Everything you will ever need for a restful night's sleep.

What comes in a set of sheets?

Our Twin and Twin XL sheets ship with 1 Flat sheet, 1 Fitted Sheet and 1 Standard Pillowcase

Our Full and Queen Sheets ship with 1 Flat sheet, 1 Fitted Sheet and 2 Standard Pillowcases

Our King and California King Sheets ship with 1 Flat sheet, 1 Fitted Sheet and 2 King(Long) Pillowcases

You will find a size guide for various sheets in subsequent questions below.

How Deep are the Pockets on the Fitted Sheets?

We offer 16" Deep Pockets to suit most commercially available mattresses in the market.

Do your sheets Wrinkle?

Wrinkling is a quality of natural cotton and we do not treat our fabric with any chemicals to prevent wrinkling; therefore, our linens do have a slight wrinkle. Remove them promptly from the dryer and hang them to prevent excessive wrinkling.

Do your Sheets Shrink?

We pre-shrink our fabric in the finishing process; therefore there should be little to no shrinkage if the care instructions are followed. However, if you choose to wash your sheets on hot water or dry them on high heat, some shrinkage will occur. We recommend washing in cold or warm water and tumble dry on low heat for best results.

Shoud I Wash my New Sheets / Duvets before putting them to use?

Absolutely; Bedding manufacturing process is long and passes through multiple hands before landing at your doorstep. Be it Cotton Harvesting - Ginning - Spinning - Weaving - Processing - Cutting, Stitching, Making - Your sheets pass through a lot of hands and processes. A wash before use ensures that the sheets are hygenic and fresh. Any potential residues from the making process is also taken care in the wash.

How do you get the chemical smell out of new sheets?

Wash your Sheets straight away, and hang them dry outside for a few hours in fresh air. The sun will also help remove the chemical smell naturally. If there is no sunlight, hang them undercover. If tumble drying, use low heat and hang them once out of the dryer.

Do you make comforters or is it just a cover?

We only offer Duvet Covers at the moment and not the comforter.

Do your Duvet Cover have ties inside them to hold the comforter / weighted blanket?

All our Duvet Inserts come with 3 ties on each side. These are placed at the Top, Middle and Bottom on each side to hold the down comforter / weighted blanket in place.

Are your pillowcase envelop style or regular?

Our pillowcases offer Envelop Enclosure design with an opening at the bottom of the case. Envelop prevents the pillows to accidentaly sliding out to avoid disturbing your sleep.

What is Moisture Wicking ?

Some materials take mositure (sweat) away from your skin using tiny capillaries. Moisture is drawn to the exterior of the fabric, making it easier to evaporate.  This can drastically improve the sleep quality for warm sleepers.

All our fabrics are moisture wicked in the dyeing process.


How can I make changes to my shipping address after an order is placed?

At this time, we are not able to update a shipping address once an order has been placed. Please feel free to contact us at if you have any questions or if you're not able to make these changes through the carrier.

How Do I Modify Items in my Order?

At this time, we are not able to make any changes to the items in your order once the order has been placed. If you would like to add, change, or upgrade the items in your order, the best course of action will be to place a new order and return the items in your original order. All domestic returns are completely covered, and your refund will be issued to your original form of payment.

Can I Cancel my Order?

At this time, we are not able to cancel your order once the order has been placed. If you no longer want the items you purchased, please feel free to initiate a return. Once your order starts shipping, all domestic returns are completely covered, and your refund will be issued to your original form of payment.

Sizes & Measurements

Dimensions – Sheet Set (Width x Length x Depth)

Bedding Size

Flat Sheets (inches)

Fitted Sheets (inches)

Pillow Cases (inches)


67 X 97

39 x 75 x 16

21 x 31

Twin XL

67 x 97

39 x 80 x 16

21 x 31


82 x 97

54 x 75 x 16

21 x 31


91 x 103

60 x 80 x 16

21 x 31


109 x 103

78 x 80 x 16

21 x 41

California King

109 x 103

72 x 84 x 16

21 x 41


Dimensions – Duvet Covers (Width x Length)


Bedding Size

Measurement (inches)

No of Ties

Twin / Twin XL

68 x 88

6 (three on each side)

Full / Queen

90 x 90

6 (three on each side)

King / California King

106 x 90

6 (three on each side)


Dimensions – Pillow Covers


Bedding Size

Measurements (inches)

Standard / Queen Pillow Cover

21 x 31 with Envelop Enclosure

King / Long Pillow Cover

21 x 41 with Envelop Enclosure

Body / Extra Long Pillow Cover

21 x 54 with Envelop Enclosure


When will a sold-out product be back in stock?

We always try to keep our items in stock; in the rare event that something is out of stock, you can leave us a message and we will be prompt in letting you know when its back and ready for ordering

Which Shipping Carrier do you use?

We strive to give our customers the fastest delivery. We store and ship our inventory with Amazon fulfilment centers and offer expedited delivery service

I want to gift your products to someone close. Are there prices in the package?

All our billing information is communicated via email. No prices or billing details are included in the box containing your order.

When will my order be dispatched?

Thank you! So much for placing an order with us. We store our inventories in Amazon warehouses and greatly benefit from being able to deliver them to our customers very fast. Amazon places our inventory in multiple warehouses spread across the United States and that actually benefits us in delivering the orders quickly to our customers. We usually dispatch all the orders within 24-48 hours of receiving them.

What if I forgot to add the promocode at checkout?

If you forgot to add a promotion at the time of placing the order, please email us with your order number and we will issue a gift card for the promotional value you can use for your subsequent purchases.

Returns / Exchanges

What is your return policy?

We stand behind the quality we offer through our products and are confident that you will absolutely love your new sheets/duvets.

If you are unhappy with your order, we will gladly accept returns for items purchased on our site within 30 days of purchase. Shipping fee for domestic returns are completely covered, and all returns can be refunded back to the original method of payment or through a gift card. If for any reason, your original form of payment is no longer active or able to process the refund, you will receive store credit for the same amount.

To initiate a return, please fill out a form Here!

Please note that all returns have to be returned in their original condition unused and with all complimentary products (if any). There is a restocking fee of 15% applicable on all returns. Once received, you will receive your refund within 5 working days back to the original form of payment.

Do you offer Free Shipping for Returns?

All Shipping Charges for returns from within United States are covered by us. You will get a prepaid shipping label when you initiate a return through our website.