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Organic Cotton Sheet Set - Silver Grey

Organic Cotton Sheet Set - Silver Grey

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Cotton Sheet Sets

We spend more than a third of our lives sleeping and this sleep ensures our wellbeing to an extent that no other materialistic thing can control. Be it work related stress or a long tiring trek, sleep cures it all and we welcome a new day with a fresh gust of energy the next morning. Why we sleep remains the most enduring and intriguing mysteries in health science even to this date

Crafted with a Luxurious 400 thread count using extra-long staple cotton fibers; this Opulent & Ultra-Soft Sateen Sheet Set features impeccable workmanship. Made with GOTS Certified 100% Organic Cotton. Our Sheet Sets are bound to give you a cozy night’s sleep.

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Machine Wash Warm with Like Colors

Do Not Bleach

Tumble Dry on Low


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Customer Reviews

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Primo sheets!

These come in a lovely printed box, with all the information you need on the quality of the cotton. This high thread count bedding is made of soft, organic, ethically sourced cotton. The sheets hold up well in the wash, and come out looking great. The cotton has a nice sheen to it, without feel stiff or artificial. (Micro-fiber sheets? No thanks.) Even the ribbing on the fitted sheets are superior (very thick, and well-sewn). And so far, after five washings, no pilling or loose threads. Just cozy, cotton softness. Very pleased. Would not hesitate to get another set for our guest room.

Thank you for your kind words!

Nice Sheets

These 400 Thread Count Organic Cotton Sheet Set - Light Grey - 4 Piece Bedding Set - Sustainable GOTS Certified Cotton - Ultra Soft Sateen Weave - Fits Deep Pocket Mattresses (Light Grey, King) (Light Grey, King)400 Thread Count Organic Cotton Sheet Set - Light Grey - 4 Piece Bedding Set - Sustainable GOTS Certified Cotton - Ultra Soft Sateen Weave - Fits Deep Pocket Mattresses (Light Grey, King) (Light Grey, King) are comfortable oversized sheets, good for extra deep mattresses.

The 400 thread count is just about right for everyday luxury.

Thank you for your kind words!

excellent 400-count organic cotton sheets

I prefer resting my head on high quality 600-count Egyptian cotton sheet, to the nicest 400-count cotton sheets. And I'm very happy resting my body on these 400-count Organic Factor queen sheets. They seem incredibly smooth with the sateen finish, (until they're up against my face). These light grey sheets look lighter than the photo on the Amazon product page, which definitely works for me. They come packaged in a nice cardboard box, rather than the typical zippered plastic bag that most bed linens come in. Ten years ago I bought two sets of famous-brand 600-count Egyptian cotton queen sheets. At the same time, I got a great price from Amazon on eight 600-count queen pillow cases of the same brand. My skin and hair are oily, so it's been these 8 additional pillow cases I've been sleeping on for 10 years, putting the ones from the two queen sets on guest pillows. The sheets from those two 10-year-old sets have fallen apart in the past year, but all my 600-count pillow cases are still in great shape. So I'll be using differently branded 600-count pillowcases with these Organic Factor 400-count cotton sheets. And I expect I'll continue to be impressed with these Organic Factor sheets, even as I use different pillow cases for my head.

The queen pillowcases in this Organic Factor set are a 20" wide after washing and tumble dry. My trusty old 600-count pillow cases are 20.5" after repeated washings. The Organic Factor ones are too snug on my new high loft Jumbo pillow, but fit at maximal snugness on my old 600-count ones.

What criteria should I use to review sheets? I'm focused on being helpful to other Amazon shoppers. So if the best sheets/pillowcases for my comfort are 600-count, I'm going to review them more favorably than 400-count ones that don't feel as good on my face.

I encourage you to get a set of these Organic Factor 400-count cotton sheets. Then look for some well-reviewed 600-count Egyptian or Organic cotton pillowcases. I got my 600-count ones with an excellent sale price. If you'd be unhappy with color differences with add-on pillowcases, you might want to include 600-count cotton sheet sets in your search criteria.

I pre-treat any pillow (or sheet) stains from my naturally oily hair with Tech stain remover. Then pour liquid detergent on them and perhaps scrub a little bit before tossing in the washer. I read that corn starch is a great way to get oily stains out, even after repeated washings. I have yet to try that, but it sounds promising. Don't take it from me, please look at articles or videos with the appropriate steps for the cornstarch treatment.

Thank you for your kind words!

Nice Sheets!

Great sheets. High thread count means they're nice and soft. They fit well, too!

Thank you for your kind words!

L P.
Perfect for giftgiving!

Perfect for giftgiving! Beautiful quality! Nice silky material that is well constructed and is short to last through many many washes. It fit my mattress which is a little on the thicker side perfectly. And it comes in a box that is perfect for giftgiving. Included it is also a little well constructed tote made of the same material which was a nice little added bonus. I think this would make a great gift! I felt the price was in line with the quality.

Thank you for your kind words!

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Hotel Style Comfort

Enjoy Hotel Style Comfort with our Plush Soft Breathable Bedding made from Superior Long Staple Cotton. Our Bedding range offers Extra Deep Pockets to Suit Modern Beds.